Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

For our customers, our products are important investment goods and factors to create a successful competition base. In order to meet this high level of responsibility and responsibility, it requires respect, responsibility and engineering. Values can not be prescribed, they become alive and perceptible only through our daily work. Preserving and changing belong equally to it. The constant change since the founding of the company in 1989 requires us a high degree of flexibility and creativity. Nevertheless, essential values and principles remain. In an environment of increasing dynamism and complexity, our corporate image provides a benchmark and an orientation frame. Through vigilance and wealth of ideas, we ensure permanent product innovations.

"Serving the customer, quality at the highest level."

Respect, openess and honesty

We accept the personality of each individual, meet each other without prejudice and deal with each other openly and honestly. We address problems and problems directly and without reservations and thus create the prerequisite for their rapid and sustainable solution. As an internationally operating company, we demand and encourage emphatically tolerant employees. For all, the same conditions apply, based on mutual respect and trust, regardless of sex, age, nationality, religious orientation and activity in the company.


We approach our tasks with force and energy and are characterized by high enthusiasm. We create a work environment for our employees in which they feel comfortable. In this way we increase the willingness to perform and the quality of the work results.

Future orientation

We develop our future strategies by consistently and carefully monitoring the development of the market. We are continually analyzing the global progress and know the growing demands on your systems. Through strategic and operational development, steady improvements and growth, we will secure the long-term success of the company.


We like to work in teams because we combine our individual strengths for the best results. Competence, commitment, self-initiative and self-responsibility are the driving force behind our efficiency. Our employees always act as representatives of our company and represent our values.


For us quality means the agreement between the objectives and the execution. In the service of our customers, we improve the performance of our products by our high quality awareness. Our customers trust us and see us as a reliable partner, whom they would like to integrate closely into their business processes in order to obtain the optimum solution for the respective requirements in the best possible quality.


We adapt our research and innovative developments to the needs of the market. Through the competent use of the latest technologies, processes and methods, we create additional benefits for our customers. Through vigilance and wealth of ideas, we ensure permanent product innovations.

Objective orientation

Our development is aimed at sustainable, profitable growth. In our own economic success and that of our customers, we see confirmation of good performance. In order to achieve our goals, we are developing strategic networks along our performance spectrum.


The ultimate goal of our company and its employees is the satisfaction of the customer according to the principles "partnership", "value added" and "quality". We optimize profitability, safety and reliability and strive in this way for long-term relationships. We are further expanding our existing customer relationships through economical, usable solutions.