Company history of menten GmbH

Exceptional market proximity is the Key to Success

The team around company founder Ralph Menten has been serving partners and customers with great passion and commitment since 1989. The company specializes in the AS/400 server family and was among the first to support this platform introduced in 1988.

With more than 350 customers and 790 installations worldwide, menten GmbH has many years of experience in the hardware and software environment of the AS/400. menten’s customers come from a broad range of industries such as commerce, finance, energy supply, insurance, logistics and the automotive sector. Many of the company’s early clients are still active customers.

AS400 Lineup

Our History

menten GmbH 30. Firmenjubiläum


30 years menten GmbH

menten GmbH celebrates its 30th birthday.

menten GmbH eingangsbereich


Office expansion

Relocation to Bergisch Gladbach and office expansion.

First i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Webcontrol Release


Launch of the WebControl module

Launch of WebControl, an innovative browser-based graphical administration interface.

Eröffnung Niederlassung in Florida/USA - Menten Software LLC


Opening of the first office in the USA

Opening of the first subsidiary in the USA.

First i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Mapgui Release


Market launch for i‑effect® module MAPGUI on IBM i

With the i‑effect® MAPGUI Plugin for Eclipse it is now possible to compile EDI mappings on the PC using Drag&Drop.

First i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Release 2004


Release of i‑effect® Solution Suite

The products ascon, edicon and gzip400 are bundled into the i‑effect® solution suite.

IBM Advanced Business Partner EDI (menten GmbH)


IBM Advanced Business Partner

By the clear definition on IBM hardware the accreditation as IBM Business Partner is acquired in 2002.

GZIP - Vorgänger der i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Solution Suite


Release of "gzip400"

Addition of another standard software tool, ‘gzip400’ Winzip for AS/400.

EDICON - Vorgänger der i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Solution Suite


Release of edicon

Extension of the software range by adding ‘edicon,’ an EDI converter for AS/400. This converter made native electronic data interchange (EDI) possible on AS/400 for the first time.

ASCON - Vorgänger der i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Solution Suite


Introduction of standard software ASCON

Introduction of the ‘ascon’ AS/400 system connector, the first standard software for IBM AS/400 systems.

menten GmbH 1989 Firmengrüdnung


Company founded in Cologne

Company founded in Cologne under the name ‘Ralph Menten EDV-Beratung’.

Our company logo through the ages

Menten GmbH Logo Timeline

AS/400 - The Big Bang for the IT-World

The AS/400 product idea of fully integrating the hardware, operating system, database and central functions such as communication and security in a single server platform became one of the biggest success stories in the computer industry.

Over the years, the platform and operating system have been renamed several times, starting with AS/400 and then successively changing to eServer iSeries, eServer i5, System i5, System i, IBM i and IBM Power Systems. Despite all of this change, the system’s popular features and its high performance have remained a constant.

Today, more than 150,000 companies and government agencies around the world use AS/400 or one of its successors, iSeries, System i or Power Systems. Nearly at the same time the AS/400 system was launched on the market, menten began its own success story.

IBM AS400 System i