Company history of menten GmbH

Exceptional market proximity is the Key to Success

Since 1989, Ralph Menten and his team have worked together with partners and customers. They were one of the first specialists to work with the then still new AS/400 server family.

More than 500 customers and 1200 installations world-wide reflect menten’s extensive experience and know-how on both hardware and software in the AS/400 environment. The company’s customers represent various business sectors, such as trade, industry, finances, energy supply, insurances, logistics as well as automobile. Many customers have been with the company from the very beginning and rely on them ever since.

AS400 Lineup

Our History

menten GmbH entrance area

2016 Office expansion

On 5 December, menten GmbH moved into its new business premises on the Zanders area in Bergisch Gladbach, just a few minutes from the old location.

First i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Webcontrol Release

2012 Launch of the innovative browser-based graphical administration interface WebControl

With the help of the web-based WebControl interface, i‑effect® receives a graphical GUI in the browser for the first time.

Opening Office in Florida/USA - Menten Software LLC

2009 Opening of the first office in the USA

With the addition of several North American customers, the first branch office in the USA is established.

First i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Mapgui Release

2007 Market launch for graphical EDI mapping with module *MAPGUI on IBM i

The i‑effect® MAPGUI plugin for Eclipse makes it possible to set up EDI mappings on the PC using drag&drop.

First i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Release 2004

2004 Summary of the products ascon, edicon and gzip400 in the i‑effect® Solution Suite

The IBM i Solution Suite i‑effect® is released. It summarizes the most important products of menten in one product.

IBM Advanced Business Partner (menten GmbH)

2002 Accreditation as IBM Advanced Business Partner

Through the clear specification of IBM hardware, the accreditation is acquired as an IBM business partner in 2002.

GZIP - former i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Solution Suite

1997 Addition to another standard software "gzip400" Winzip for AS400

The software "gzip400" is published. This was a ZIP application native on the AS400.

EDICON - former i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Solution Suite

1996 Release of EDICON

Extension of the software palette by "edicon" - an EDI converter on the AS400. The first electronic data exchange (EDI) native on the AS400.

ASCON - former i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Solution Suite

1994 Introduction of standard software ASCON

Announcement of the first standard software for IBM AS400 systems: "ascon" - AS400 system connector.

Foundation menten GmbH 1989

1989 Company founded in Cologne

Founding of the menten GmbH under the name Ralph Menten EDV-Beratung (IT-Consulting).

Our company logo through the ages

Menten GmbH Logo Timeline

AS/400 - The Big Bang for the IT-World

The product idea - hardware, operating system, database and central functions such as communications and security fully integrated in a server platform - became one of the biggest success stories of the computer industry, with seasoned IT leaders as customers and innovative software companies as long-term partners.
Today there are more than 150,000 businesses, governments and agencies around the globe, that work with the AS/400 system and its successor models iSeries, System i or Power Systems.

Renaming - Over the years, the platform and the operating system has been renamed several times. The known attributes and performance remained intact.

  • AS/400
  • AS/400e
  • eServer iSeries
  • eServer i5 (i5/OS)
  • System i5
  • System i
  • Power Systems (i+p)
    • Power 6
    • Renaming i5/OS to IBM i
IBM AS400 System i