conneccted: EVENTS & LIVE MARKETING is a full-service agency in the event sector and organizes a wide variety of event projects. The spectrum of coneccted ranges from staging, design, equipment, technology, flight purchasing, destination management, catering to guest relations. The agency offers its services, such as consulting, planning and implementation of events and trade fairs as well as the creation of event concepts, both for large events with several thousand participants and team events in smaller circles.

Location: Hennef, Germany
Branch: Eventmanagement & Live Marketing
Company size: 11 Employees

Customer request for IT infrastructure

The event agency conneccted needed an IT service provider to set up new telephones and everything that goes with them in the office space. The existing telephone system was designed more for private use. There were only normal wireless in-house telephones, a router and three telecom numbers. However, the desire was to upgrade the telephony to a professional level in such a way that the telephone numbers would be retained and the availability of the employees would also be guaranteed during the changeover. The requirements for the new telephony included all requirements that could also arise from work and office and also from mobile working. In addition, call forwarding to the company cell phones was to be possible. For better handling, headsets were also desired that could be docked on both the PC and the telephone, so that it would also be possible to talk via video telephony.

Setting up a cloud telephone system

menten carried out the complete conversion of the previous standalone telephone system with cordless terminal to a cloud telephone system for conneccted: EVENTS & LIVE MARKETING GmbH. Based on the requirements and wishes stated by the customer, we presented a solution with a suitable provider, telephones, headsets and configurations.

With the commissioning, our employees took over the entire processing for the migration of the telephony as a full service. This included all the necessary steps such as applying for porting with the previous provider, concluding the contract and setting up the telephone system with the new provider Placetel, as well as configuring the system according to customer requirements. This ensured that the porting from the old to the new provider took place smoothly and without losing the old phone numbers..

After the porting was started and the configuration of the new cloud PBX was completed, our staff carried out the setup of the phones and headsets on site. This also included setting up the softphones on the mobile devices. This enables the customer to use telephony regardless of location.

After the equipment setup was completed, the customer's employees were familiarized with the handling of the administration interface, telephones and headsets. This means that minor changes to the telephone system can also be carried out independently.

During the porting phase, incoming calls were forwarded to the new telephone on the day of porting and the old telephones were removed. This meant that there was no inaccessibility at any time.

At the end of the project, the current contract with Telekom was also optimized and services that were no longer needed were cancelled. Here, too, menten-it-services provided support so that the customer no longer had to incur any expense.

"We are satisfied with the renewal of our telephone system. The changeover went wonderfully. During the changeover, we had neither malfunctions nor outages. The new solution meets all our requirements."

Christiane Blaeser
General Manager

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