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Regardless of the size of the company and the industry, as an IT system house and software provider, we meet all our customers' requirements. Convince yourself of our results - our customers already are!

Our i‑effect® customers

Our customers are IBM Power Systems users from medium-sized to large companies. For many years, we have been an established partner when it comes to organizing central processes in the company with external help.

Since neither IBM i nor the i‑effect® communication platform based on it are linked to a specific industry sector, users come from a wide variety of industries: Building Materials, Chemical Industry, Financial Services, Wholesale, Household Goods, High-Tech & Electronics, Logistics, Mechanical Engineering, Media, Furniture Industry, Fashion & Textiles, Food Industry, Tourism, Packaging Industry, Insurance and Utilities.

Among them are such well-known companies as Abus, Canon, Brigdestone, Dachser, Erdinger, Expert, Gabor, ING Diba, Sanyo, Societe General and many more.

User reports about EDI projects with our software i‑effect® can be found at our product website.

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EDI projects with i‑effect®

Read in our EDI user reports how we have realized various requirements in EDI projects at our customers with the help of our EDI software i‑effect®.

i-effect EDI Anwenderbericht Siblik


EDI implementation of the simple kind

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EDI Anwenderbericht für Trinks - EDI als Kernanwendung


EDI as a core application

Read use case
EDI IBM egetürk i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Anwenderbericht


Faster and error-free picking with EDI

Read use case
Gilbarco Logo EDI


Communication without speed limit at the service station supplier

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Zur Mühlen Gruppe EDI System

zur Mühlen Gruppe

Extra sausage
at the EDI counter

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Anwenderbericht Nolte Küchen AS2 Kommunikation

Nolte Küchen

Nolte Küchen solves logistical bottleneck with AS2 gateway

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EDI Rheinische Energie AG i‑effect<sup>®</sup> Anwenderbericht

Rheinische Energie AG

Rheinische Energie AG makes the switch thanks to i‑effect®

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EDI Mitutoyo Europe GmbH IBM i‑effect<sup>®</sup>

Mitutoyo Europe GmbH

Mitutoyo Europe GmbH relies on EDI and AS2 with i‑effect®

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IT projects can be very different. For this reason, it is particularly exciting to find out which IT projects we have already implemented with customers from a wide range of industries. Please take a look at the following use cases.

menten-it-services Referenzkundenbeitrag: Egetürk Wurst- und Fleischwarenfabrikation GmbH & Co. KG


Modernization and support of the IT infrastructure

Read customer review
menten-it-services Referenzkundenbeitrag: CRNADAK


Individuality, local proximity and sympathy

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Referenzkunde Bergische Brandversicherung

Bergische Brandversicherung

Full service in heterogeneous IT system landscape

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menten-it-services Referenzkundenbeitrag: Kaspers


IT solutions with future prospects

Read customer review
mits referenzkunde conneccted


Setting up a cloud telephone system

Read customer review
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