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Die Top10 der EDIFACT-Standards und meistverwendeten Nachrichtenarten
The top 10 EDIFACT standards and most commonly used message types

EDIFACT has become the global standard for data transmission and has now become established in almost all sectors. The most varied business processes can be mapped with it and for almost every exchange process there is a corresponding message type - until today, there have been...

Warum braucht man ein EDI MAPPING?
What is an EDI mapping actually needed for?

In EDI traffic, where the exchange of data and thus information is concerned, mapping is needed to correctly assign data source (sender) and destination (recipient).

Welche Rolle spielen GLN und GTIN für EDI?
What role do GLN and GTIN play for EDI?

Barcodes can be found on every imaginable product today. They contain numerical information about their carrier. In economic cycles controlled by IT systems, this is indispensable today for...

EDI-Konverter m@gic EDDY Alternative
No longer magic!

M@gic EDDY customers are better equipped early than late, the popular converter will no longer work for communication via X.400 from 2020. Why? Deutsche Telekom has announced that it will use the encr

AS2 das optimale EDI-Kommunikationsprotokoll
Why AS2 is the optimal EDI communication protocol

EDI communication with encryption on two levels, signature as well as integrity check and an automated acknowledgement of receipt make AS2 the perfect communication protocol in EDI traffic.

edi und eai in einem mit i‑effect<sup>®</sup>
EDI and EAI in one

An EAI system maps business processes across systems, an EDI solution such as i‑effect® can communicate in all directions and can be used as a data hub for an EAI solution.