Long-term support of the entire IT landscape

EGETÜRK Wurst- und Fleischwarenfabrikation GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1966 by Burhan Öngören and is today one of the most important sausage and meat product manufacturers in Germany. Since its foundation, the company has grown steadily in terms of number of employees, turnover, production area and product portfolio. In all matters concerning IT and technical equipment, EGETÜRK has been working with the menten team since 1989.

Location: Cologne
Branch: Food industry
Company size: ca. 170 Employees

Contact person for all technical issues

As a full-service IT provider, menten implements and supports EGETÜRK's basic technical equipment, but also plans and implements highly individual solutions. Over the years, the cooperation has been expanded more and more. While in the beginning it was only classic IT topics, soon the entire telephony, network support, software customization and other areas were added. The IT infrastructure is modernized every three years. This means that the latest software and hardware generations are always in use.

It is a great advantage for the company to have a central contact person for all IT-related topics. „If there is a problem with the telephone system, I don't have to wait for ages on hold in a call center.“ , explains Monika Bulik, Secretary Technical Management / Technical Purchasing at EGETÜRK. „One call to menten is all it takes for the service provider to take care of the problem - and with extremely fast response times.“

Advice on software selection

Menten acts as the sausage and meat manufacturer's external IT department, providing first level IT support for computers, servers, network, application software, printer and telephone system, among other things. Especially when large projects are implemented, sometimes an expert is on site every day for several weeks. Currently, the company is pushing ahead with its digitization and, in the course of this, introduced a new document management system (DMS). The menten team conducted several online workshops beforehand; various solutions were evaluated and the final decision for the product (DocuWare) was made jointly by the customer and the service provider. Afterwards, menten took care of adapting the DMS software to the special requirements at EGETÜRK.

Proactive suggestions for improvement

The connection of production machines to the Internet was another digitization project that required special sensitivity to secure the sensitive and important systems. Here, menten ensured that the devices can communicate with their manufacturers via the Internet, enabling them to carry out maintenance and corrections remotely.

Home office ready from one day to the next

An EDI infrastructure for electronic communication with major customers was also introduced; menten also developed a sales app, designed and maintains the company website, installed a camera monitoring solution for production processes and access control systems for doors and gates, organized the expansion and extension of the IT infrastructure, and much more. With the start of the first Corona lockdown in spring 2020, the menten team organized the necessary equipment for the office workers in a very short time. This meant they were ready to work in the home office from day one. „I even didn't have to worry about transporting and wiring the components on site“ , says Monika Bulik. This enabled her to work stably with the technical infrastructure at home right from the start. The fact that a partnership works shows itself above all in difficult times.

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