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Playing around on the Commodore 64, as many young people did in the 80s, was never Karl-Heinz Kaspers' thing. For the managing director of Kaspers GmbH, a specialist for garage doors, front doors, roller shutters and awnings based in Bergisch Gladbach, IT is only a means to an end and must support daily work. He is the second generation to run the company and now employs 15 people.

Location: Bergisch Gladbach
Branch: Craft
Company size: 15 Employees

All-around IT renewal

Several people - sales, foreman, management and accounting - work on six PCs in the office rooms with different software, including the classic office applications, connected to a server in the back office. Because no one in the company had in-depth IT knowledge, an external specialist took care of the software and hardware in the past. The problem: If the specialist was on vacation or sick, there was no support. „Not even an e-mail address for a new office worker could we then quickly set up“ , says Karl-Heinz Kaspers. That's why the managing director was looking for a complete service provider he could rely on and who would react quickly if the worst came to the worst.

IT jargon not to be feared

„A professional who nevertheless speaks my language and doesn't bombard me with technical jargon", was Mr. Kaspers' ideal. The contact with menten GmbH came about through a recommendation. At the end of 2020, there was an initial meeting to discuss where the shoe pinched at Kaspers in terms of IT. Specifically, this was the uncontrolled growth that had developed over the years: another printer was added here, a new PC there, cables were reconnected and left lying around for the time being. The office looked like this: dusty cables that no one knew where they ended or whether they were still needed, a server cabinet in which the new server barely fit - a rather careless approach to IT. The menten team put the existing IT infrastructure on a professional footing within a few days, with minor adjustments following in the weeks after.

IT project geared towards the future

The motto was "new start". All the old, now filthy cables came out and reasonable cabling was laid under each workstation. The age-old server cabinet was a case for the bulky waste and the existing Exchange server was also put to the test: far too oversized for just a handful of employees and also in a version that was no longer supported. A cloud solution would be much more practical, the menten team realized, and planned a timely change with Mr. Kaspers. Karl-Heinz Kaspers: „The whole project was also focused on the future and took into account circumstances that are not on the agenda immediately, but within the next 6-12 months.“

The IT experts at menten set up server access for the Home-Office workstations. This enables all office staff to work from home as desired. Data is now backed up several times a day to a certified data center in Germany. The scanners were also renewed; the previous old device was replaced by a modern document scanner. This generates searchable PDFs via the network, enabling employees to find specific issues with just a few clicks of the mouse. All the IT equipment is still located in the company, but the menten team maintains it remotely, checks it for necessary updates and can also troubleshoot without anyone having to be on site..

A support that continues

In addition to software and hardware, menten also took care of the live view of the cameras installed in the warehouse 5 km away. Through them, it is possible to observe gate openings and closings, which are controlled by a GPS signal, from the office. „As a result, we can now monitor again what delivering companies are doing in the warehouse in detail. I am really thrilled with the overall professionalism we have achieved“ , says Karl-Heinz Kaspers.

Since the relaunch, menten's support has been available for inquiries of all kinds. And if necessary, it can sometimes go beyond pure office operations: If the Internet or notebook go on strike at the Kaspers' home and the children can no longer participate in home schooling during the lockdown, menten takes care of that too - a real all-round service.

„Our IT project with menten was also focused on the future and took into account circumstances that are only on the agenda within the next 6-12 months. We are really thrilled with the professionalism we have now achieved.“

Karl-Heinz Kaspers
General Manager

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