Setup and maintenance of the IT infrastructure

The CRNADAK GmbH from Cologne, Germany is a specialist for awnings, roller shutters, garage doors and terrace roofs, from consultation to sales and installation. Qualified craftsmen take over all the work involved, customers do not have to order an additional electrician, nor do they have to remove the traces afterwards. This company philosophy gives the company CRNADAK a constantly growing customer base.

Location: Cologne-Holweide, Germany
Branch: Craft
Company size: 8 Employees

No one-size-fits-all IT

„Everything from one source“ Mr. Kaspers also applies this standard to the service providers he hires. In the area of IT, for example, where CRNADAK GmbH has relied on the expertise of menten GmbH since 2018. Previously, the small company's IT setup was more of a stopgap. The former IT service provider had retired some time ago. Friends or acquaintances helped out when software or hardware problems arose, but only superficially.

The entire IT was aging

For example, a Mac computer with the merchandise management program and Microsoft Office installed on it was doing its job, but neither data nor software could be accessed from other workstations. There was no regular data backup, and the telephone system was also getting on in years: Music on hold, forwarding, three-party conferences and similar practical functions were out of the question.

In 2018, contact was made with the menten team, which heralded the end of the old IT solution at CRNADAK. „I am by no means an IT specialist.“ , admits Markus Kaspers. „That's why I could only formulate our objective: The IT should run in such a way that data can be accessed from different workplaces and work can also be done from home.“

Home office workstations set up with all accessories

The menten team then designed a technical concept, proactively submitted proposals for expanding the IT infrastructure and installed the new complete system within a few days. Now the awning specialist has a server with a firewall and the latest Windows and Office versions, which can be accessed not only from the second company computer, but also from Home-Office workstations. menten set these up in the spring of 2020, delivered new notebooks including keyboard and screen, and configured them so that it is possible to dial into the server immediately.

A new Cloud phone system was also installed. No matter where employees are, they simply make calls via an app from their smartphone. In the course of this, menten also took care of a contract optimization with Telekom, certain components are now no longer necessary, which saves CRNADAK GmbH money, while at the same time the new telephone system offers new possibilities.

Backups used to take place only irregularly. For this reason, the menten team has arranged for all data to now be backed up at regular, short intervals to a certified data center in Germany. In addition, a new scanner now ensures that business documents are quickly digitized. Without the need for technicians to come to the premises, the menten team monitors the new IT system and, if necessary, intervenes independently via remote maintenance.

Individuality, local proximity and sympathy

Markus Kaspers: „It is a very pleasant and smooth cooperation. What we particularly liked about menten GmbH was that we didn't get a one-size-fits-all hat imposed on us there, but instead received a truly individual solution. In the initial meeting, the IT consultant just listened and recorded our wishes. Very specific follow-up questions then came on individual points and subsequently we received a customized solution. In my opinion, such customer orientation is the most important thing when choosing an IT service provider.“ Right after that, for him, come local proximity and sympathy. They were also a good fit at menten GmbH.

„We expressed our wishes and explained what we would like, the team of menten then took care of the implementation. Whether telecommunications, server, software or subsequent maintenance - we get everything from a single source here.“

Markus Kaspers
General Manager

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